I’ll Email You Sometime

I'll Email You Sometime

All the cool kids want you to focus on social media these days to solve your digital marketing woes. If you would just tweet more or post to Facebook more or have a few more ads you would see the power unleashed.

There is power out there, yes, but there is an enormous amount of power that you’re sitting on right now that you are probably not using. Email. I know, we get hundreds of email every day, but email wins over social media when it comes to conversions and ROI (especially for e-commerce).

email still dominates social media

Custora Report 2014

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Where is Your Digital Marketing Budget?

Where is Your Digital Marketing Budget?digital marketing budget spend

Most of us don't have time to really learn what is needed to rock the digital marketing space today. Sure, you could snag some books on SEO or email marketing or even WordPress but is that the best use of your time? Think about what you spend … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketing Dream Team

Digital Marketing Dream Teamdigital marketing dream team

Long gone are the days of wondering “if” you should have a team to manage your digital marketing efforts, it’s a reality that you MUST have one. You basically already have an ad-hoc team in place right now, more than likely as a collection of … [Continue reading]

The A-B-Cs of Digital Marketing

The A-B-Cs of Digital Marketinga-b-c

As complicated and sophisticated as the online, digital marketing space is becoming, many of us still need help with the basics. That's not a slam, but more of a reality. The reality is you are busy working your business so growing in your online … [Continue reading]

At the Core of Content Marketing is Great Content

At the Core of Content Marketing is Great Contentcore of content marketing is story

Seems rather obvious, I know. In the age of gimmicks and band-wagon tactics when it comes to online marketing, those who want to last and ultimately succeed have to think through the quality of their content. Great content that is sharable, worthy of … [Continue reading]

The Facebook Emotion Experiment is Nothing New

The Facebook Emotion Experiment is Nothing Newfacebook emotion experiment made me sad

I’m actually really surprised at the outrage surrounding the “emotion experiment” that Facebook did. I can go into detail about it all, but Wired did a great job over here. Or try this, this or this for even more fun. In a nut shell, they wanted to … [Continue reading]

2 Must-Have Tools for Your Website – and they’re Free!

2 Must-Have Tools for Your Website - and they're Free!free website tools by Google

Google dominates the search space. Without question. Turns out they also have some pretty amazing website tools you can use for your website. Sure, the tools ultimately help them to do what they do better, but we get some pretty amazing value along … [Continue reading]

“So what’s your story?”

"So what's your story?"story online marketing

It’s a simple enough question. It’s a great starter. It begs for deeper interaction. It has the potential to bring emotion and fact together into an amazing experience. Every time I get the opportunity to chat with an elderly person, I love to … [Continue reading]

Shining a Flashlight at the Sun

Shining a Flashlight at the Sunmore focused SEO

I remember hearing this phrase a long time ago and it totally stuck with me. You may use one of the many others (trying to boil the ocean, etc.) but the concept is really the same: what little you are doing is really not going to have an … [Continue reading]