The Power of Patience

The Power of Patience

More than not I’ve been a part of a website launch and the next day receive an email saying, “How come we’re not showing up on Google yet?” The literal next day.

I’ve seen companies go for the cheapest route to the top (in terms of search engine rankings) and usually achieve their goal, briefly. They find out quickly thereafter that it is going to take a lot of work to stay at the top.

There are plenty of companies that I’ve worked with who could care less if they appear in search results as they “don’t make money from their website”, it’s just there so people think they are legit.

Then I see a company who just quietly and consistently produce great content, stuff that people want and care about, and stuff that people are searching for. Slowly and surely, their traffic grows without trying. Eventually they dominate the search results without even “optimizing” for them because their content is so valuable.

In the game of winning the Internet for your business, patience wins every time. Don’t confuse patience with lack of effort, just keep going with producing great content and without a doubt you will be rewarded.

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