Amazing Songs from Home #HomeFest

As we sit at home during this crazy quarantine I love the performances that are popping up from groups of artists. I figured I would keep a list compiled as I find them, or at least find the ones I…

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Fetch Your Email

I get digitally interrupted all day long. Emails, texts, WhatsApps, Skype, push notifications – it never ends. For me, one of the hardest things to ignore is email. I’ve been conditioned well. In an effort to curb some of the…

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To Ponder

One of my Passions

“So, what do you do for a living?” It’s interesting to ask the question and then sit back and watch how people respond to it. For some, they go into great detail, want to make sure you know the scope…

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How to Hold a Productive Workshop

I’ve found myself giving a lot of workshops lately. Around the world, different sized rooms, different technical skills at the table, strong and weak Wi-Fi, you name it, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve approached it as a fun challenge –…

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I Want Context, Not Just Content, at Work

My days are spent helping some of the world’s largest companies navigate the challenge of User Experience (UX), specifically as it pertains to their employee portal websites. It’s pretty crazy to unearth the challenges that these companies face, but is…

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A Week in Sydney with My Wife

Last year I was able to spend an amazing week with my wife in Sydney, Australia. It was the culmination of a life-long dream that I had to visit Australia – MASSIVE bucket list crossed off – and I got…

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