A Passionate Work

Dave Lamb microphoneThis week I had the honor to attend the funeral of my best friend’s brother, Dave Lamb. He was 36 and was taken way too early after losing his battle with leukemia. There are so many thoughts that run through your mind as you sit through the eulogy of family and friends with mourning and celebration going hand in hand.

Dave was a man who lived his passion. It was so evident in all who shared and who I had the pleasure of meeting – Dave impacted everyone around him. His passion was his music. His music gave him a platform and with that platform Dave was able to reach and touch so many with his music and his soul.  [Continue reading]

Your Online Value is in your Network

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" One of the greatest challenges in a multi-channel online marketing world (think Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) is having enough of a base within those … [Continue reading]

Taking Notes on an iPad 2


I recently purchased an iPad 2, my first since iPad, but have been on the prowl for the best note-taking app. There are so many variations as to why you are needing to take notes, but for me the requirements were simple: I wanted to be able to … [Continue reading]

Still Not Sure About Google Plus


It’s been a while since receiving my invite to the beta of Google Plus. At first, I jumped right in, updated my profile, created some circles, connected with the people who I knew already on there, good times. Then the reality hit that there were … [Continue reading]

Google+ Takes on Facebook


Unfortunately I won't really get to play with Google Plus it until I get my invite. It's actually a little surprising for me as I have been a google account holder forever and yet still didn't get the early nod. I did read an interesting take by … [Continue reading]

Finding the Right Out-Source Partner Is Crucial

Recently I found the need for some custom Wordpress development. Knowing Wordpress very well I knew what I needed. I contacted a company called CrushLabs (not linking as I DO NOT recommend them) who quoted me a great price and said it would be a … [Continue reading]

Simple Steps to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site


Wordpress is a great platform and has ventured beyond being just a blogging platform as it was traditional known as. But how do you get a Wordpress site? There are 2 different routes to take: Let them host it - www.wordpress.com You host … [Continue reading]

I Miss My Tabs, Facebook


Recently Facebook announced a change to pages. While there are some things that are nice in terms of interaction, I really am not liking the new navigation option. Basically they have gone from the tabbed approach to a left navigation one. While … [Continue reading]

Mozy.com Back Up Break Up


It's official. I'm single. Mozy and I had to break up. We had a pretty good run and I will say there was great potential for a long-lasting relationship, but things happen. Namely, this happened. As in every relationship it's the subtle things. … [Continue reading]

One Powerful Shopping Cart

So you want to open an online store?  Great!  Just get your web-guy cousin to hook you up with one...there's just a few things you have to get figured out first: What store software will you use? How will you host the store? Will your site … [Continue reading]

Merry Digital Christmas!

Enjoy a fun video on this Christmas day.  I hope you are able to enjoy the day with great friends and family. … [Continue reading]

Facebook Adds a “See Friendship” Link


So logged in to Facebook today and saw a new link I hadn't noticed before. There is now a "See Friendship" link. It basically takes you to a page that shows the interactions, pictures, etc. that you have had between another person. You can even … [Continue reading]