Stick to One Digital Family for Simplicity

Stick to One Digital Family for Simplicity

I work in the web technology space and have for years now. The random by-product of being around tech for most of my whole professional career is that I become the go-to-guy for fixing people’s computer/phone/iPad/tablet issues. It is also something that I actually geek out on so it’s usually a win for close friends and family as I actually like this stuff…

Across the board, where I see people have the greatest issue is when they try and “cross-breed” their technology when they really don’t even know how to use any of it to begin with. They see a cheap deal on a laptop over here, then someone gives them an iPad as a gift, then they buy an iPhone because it’s what the cool kids are doing, but then they get a Nook from someone. And it goes on and on.  [Continue reading]

User Experience for the Enterprise Organization

User Experience for the Enterprise OrganizationServiceNow CMS ESM

Over the past few months I have been blogging over on the ServiceNow Community and enjoying the interactions. Dealing with the large, enterprise structure has been a very interesting shift in my consulting experience. By and large, I've found that no … [Continue reading]

The Power of Patience

The Power of Patiencepatience

More than not I’ve been a part of a website launch and the next day receive an email saying, “How come we’re not showing up on Google yet?” The literal next day. I’ve seen companies go for the cheapest route to the top (in terms of search engine … [Continue reading]

How NOT to Think About Your Website

How NOT to Think About Your Websitehow not to think about your website

Over the past few years there has been a significant rise in social spaces that have taken some of the traffic and focus away from having a great website. There is value in that Facebook page or Twitter feed, yes, but at the end of the day, all roads … [Continue reading]

Dig In To Your Technology

Dig In To Your TechnologyDig In to Digital Marketing Technology

“Don’t move a couch with a semi”. I heard that phrase many years ago and it totally stuck. In today’s digital marketing technology space, this phrase pops in to my head more than not as I watch people using software they haven’t really figured … [Continue reading]

Validation Loses to Value Every Time

Validation Loses to Value Every Timeno_pandering

If you ask me to re-tweet something, even if you ask really nicely, you’ve missed the point. If you’re putting something out there in the pursuit of “likes”, you lost me. If you tell me you need a 9 or above on your satisfaction survey when it … [Continue reading]

I’ll Know It When I See It

I'll Know It When I See Itsuccessful website design

You’ve probably said it. You’ve definitely heard it. Loosely translated it means, “I haven’t spent enough time to think it all the way through so hopefully you can pull something out of a magic hat and impress me.” Most website design projects … [Continue reading]

Websites Built to Scale

Websites Built to Scalewebsites built to scale

I’m not sure why it’s always so surprising to me, but building websites take a lot of work. Even if they are small sites for some reason it seems to take a good amount of effort. A lot of that effort is due to the unknown. People are sometimes … [Continue reading]

I’ll Email You Sometime

I'll Email You Sometimeemail wins over social media

All the cool kids want you to focus on social media these days to solve your digital marketing woes. If you would just tweet more or post to Facebook more or have a few more ads you would see the power unleashed. There is power out there, yes, but … [Continue reading]