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A Look Behind the Outsourcing Curtain

A Look Behind the Outsourcing Curtain

It’s hard to search for any company without finding an outsourced alternative. Though a user of outsourcing (I feel like I’m at a recovery group meeting) in the past, there were some hard lessons learned along the way that I thought would be helpful to share with you.

Before we start, the assumption I’m working with for this post is that outsourcing implies off-shore or out-of-town. We can explore the same analysis to what we like to call ‘local-sourcing’ (finding a local, outsourced alternative that is in your time zone/language/area code) in a later post. [Read more…]

My Real Estate Friend

I need your help.

My real-estate buddy came to me the other day asking my advice as to whether he should get in ‘the game’ of social media/networking/blogging or even for that matter a new website. His take was that after 25 years selling homes and trying out every new web ‘trick’ he has sold exactly zero [0] homes from it. Not a single substantial lead. He’s a very successful agent and his company does well with what he is already doing.

My initial take was, “Imagine how much more you could do with a bangin’ website!” Almost verbatim.

As we chatted more I got stumped on whether he should actually invest any money for the following reasons:

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Social Media/Networking Is Like…

Social Media/Networking Is Like...

Fill in your analogy. Really, comment below if you would be so kind as to what describes social media the best for you.

As I sat in a beach chair looking out over Newport Beach this past weekend defeated in my first attempt to learn to surf it dawned on me how similar learning to surf is to learning how to successfully use the social media tools out there. Sorry, I’m a geek at my core so these thoughts come to me on my day ‘off’.

Here are a few of the similarities (according to me):
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