Bookmark War: Delicious vs. Google Reader, My Review

I was watching a keynote speech by Chris Brogan the other day and right at the end of his talk he mentioned that people could see a list of case studies for social media by simply going to

If you don’t know what is, it’s a way for you to bookmark your favorite URL’s as you run across them, tagging them, organizing them. It’s an alternative to having “favorites” or “bookmarks” in your browser. This way, no matter what computer you’re on, you can log in to and access all your favorite links. There’s a firefox plugin that makes it very easy to add/revisit bookmarks.

Enter Google Reader. I have enjoyed this tool for listening to all the great things happening out in the blogosphere, flickr, twitter – any RSS feed enabled site you can load in here and not have to jump around to hundreds of spots a day. Google recently added more social tools to the reader allowing you to “like” or “share” something you’ve read. You then have a direct URL to all your shared items.

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