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A Simple Check-List Before Starting A Web Design Project

A Simple Check-List Before Starting A Web Design Project

Note: this is mainly for the home/small business as there are typically many more factors involved with medium-big business websites. However, many of the concepts will still work for any web improvement effort.

So it’s time for a change to your website? Launching a new company so now need a new website? Starting your consulting company and need a web presence?

Here are some questions to ask yourself/group before you embark on the project: [Read more…]

Change Your Business or Your World One Linchpin At A Time

Seth Godin Linchpin review

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If you are unhappy in your current job, you need to read this book.
If you are thinking about starting (or maybe already started) your own business and have hit some challenges, this is a must read for you.
If you are in a rut professionally/personally, this book should be in your hands. [Read more…]

Six Pixels of Separation, A Review

six pixels of separation review

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It seems everywhere you turn in the world of Internet marketing you hear about social media, connecting, the community, etc. It also seems that there are a bounty of books popping up to bolster the argument.

I found “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel a quick read, but a great book that I would recommend to any business owner trying to get in the game of social marketing. There are some specific tips and tricks, but this books seems to take a higher level perspective. If you’re just trying to wrap your head around how to use social media for your business and how to match up the tools with your marketing efforts, give it a shot.

Pagelime Review: A Great Simple CMS for Static Pages

Pagelime Review: A Great Simple CMS for Static Pages

I came accross the other day and I have to say it’s a fascinating product. For the most part I would recommend WordPress or Joomla if you are needing a full Content Management System (CMS) solution to keep your site updated. The challenge is usually cost of entry (either in time to figure it out or in time for someone else to do it for you) when deciding whether to use a CMS on your site. Sometimes you just want to post a 5-7 page website and need a simple way for non-techy/non-code folks to keep it updated – with the added value of not giving access to more than is necessary on the admin side. [Read more…]

The New Facebook Layout is Much Improved

So I logged in to my facebook account today and noticed the layout had changed. I heard rumblings that this was going to happen and honestly, I was hoping for a good change. So far, I think I got what I hope for.┬áThe previous version had some pretty frustrating things that have since been changed. [Read more…]