The Lazy By-Product

After just participating in the security screening/check-in process at LAX I got to thinking about how less than 10 years ago the procedure to get on board a plane was much easier. Right after 9/11 it was clear that traveling was going to become a rather challenging experience and there was the growing pains we all felt while participating in the new protocols. Now? It’s normal. We know what to expect, we stand here, hand this/that to the person, take that off, put that on, pat-pat, now wait. We’re not surprised any more.

I know this is a bit of a US perspective, but I think we thrive on efficiency and organization. If I can do it/think it/want it guaranteed there are others so let’s form a group and do/think/want together!

Where this gets interesting is in the area of faith/religion. [Read more...]