Why I Gave Up on the Droid Eris

I have been eyeing the Android market for a while now.  As a loyal Verizon guy (sorry, way too many bad experiences with AT&T) I couldn’t make the switch to iPhone so had to just patiently wait.  In the waiting I started to get excited about Android.  Open-source, cheaper units to buy, integrated with Google where my entire virtual life lives all made it a very appealing option.

I broke down and turned in the Blackberry Curve for an Eris.  I was up for a renewal so my $40 investment felt pretty good, though I hate long-term contracts, but that’s for another post. [Read more…]

Desktop Sharing Using join.me – a Review

Desktop Sharing Using join.me – a Review

I recently found the need to share my desktop with a few people and wanted a better option to LiveMeeting, GoToMeeting and Yugma.  I could review those as well, but will stick to one that I found recently that is still in beta but was a great alternative.

After stumbling upon join.me (created by LogMeIn) I was immediately impressed with how SIMPLE it was!  Download this packet and presto!  It assigns you a number that you can email or share and people can just go to that URL and they are on.  For those joining the presentation it’s such a clean experience as there’s absolutely nothing to install. [Read more…]

Stats and Perspective on the Future of Social Media

Blogging: Professional vs. Personal Posts

Blogging: Professional vs. Personal Posts

I recently went through and consolidated 2 different blogs I was unsuccessfully trying to run at the same time into 1 brand new one. On one the hand it was hard to watch all the previous work go away, but on the other it was bliss.

The conflict that I wrestled with (which prompted the creation of 2+ blogs in the first place) was whether I have a ‘personal’ blog as well as a ‘professional’?  How much do I want to divulge about myself to people I might end up working with?

My opinion is I want people to get the whole picture of me should they choose to follow me in my blog obscurity.  Of course I don’t want to jeopardize my family or privacy or whatever, but if that’s the case I shouldn’t be blogging or be online for that matter! I want this platform to educate, inform, give a sneak peek into my mind, and so I feel that sharing whatever is on my mind is relevant to my overall ‘brand’. [Read more…]

Essential Plugins for WordPress

I recently re-launched by blog and was able to mess around with a few new plugins that I’ve found really helpful.  Here’s a list of a few:

  • For commenting, I highly recommend Disqus.  Plugin integration was very simple and there are some great options to manage from right within the options settings.
  • Clean-Contact is a great contact us form that’s simple to use and set up.
  • To help blog posts extend to the social world:
    • Auto Tweet allows your posts to auto-tweet when posted online. UPDATE: Actually prefer Tweetly Updater as I’m a bit.ly guy.
    • Can’t decide which network to allow?  Use them all with ShareThis!  I particularly liked the various options in terms of the tool set that you can use.
    • You can insert a TweetMeme button right at the top of your post so that option is front and center.
  • I also am using Google Analytics to track my site traffic and Google Webmaster Tools (with the help of Google XML Sitemaps plugin) so that I can make sure my site is working as best as possible.

Hope that helps!

Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs – Cameron Herold

My dad sent me this video recently with the note of “Check out this video. Reminds me of you.”  In watching it I had a few thoughts, but I’ll save that for after YOU’VE watched it so click the read more to see my thoughts:

[Read more…]

Your Marketing Strategy Cannot Just Be Reactionary

Your Marketing Strategy Cannot Just Be Reactionary

Shiny is nice.  Shiny is alluring.  In business, shiny can be devastating if there isn’t a purpose behind it.

Insecurity runs rampant in business today.  The conclusion as to why the competition is winning out is because they have an active Facebook fan page and you don’t.  Or their website is more “optimized” than yours so we all need to react and get what they have!  Wrong.

Yes, in order to survive as a business today you must stay current, but only as much as to stay where your buyers are.  Dumping money and time into a youtube channel because you saw some presentation as to how it’s the “thing everyone will be doing in a year so beat the curve” but unfortunately your base could care less to watch video after video.   [Read more…]

WordPress for Blackberry

Wordpress for Blackberry

I have been wrestling to try and figure out how to get the email-to-post to work on this WordPress installation. This is something fairly straight forward, and yet came to realize that because I am using Google Apps for my email, so far no good. There are a ton of posts ‘out there’ as to something that changed in December not allowing this to happen any longer.

Plan B to the rescue. The issue was that I wanted to be able to post from my phone so I just downloaded the Worpress app for blackberry. The only thing I had to do was enable the XML-RPC option under Settings – Writing on my WordPress install.

Not a ton of bells and whistles but if you’re looking for a nice alternative to posting by email, give the WordPress app a try. This is my first post with it so I might have more thoughts in the comments section…

Are you using it? Anyone using the WordPress app for Android or iPhone who want to chime in?