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10 Tools For Non-Profits to Help Google Ranking

10 Tools For Non-Profits to Help Google Ranking

I recently wrote a post over at npEngage geared to helping non-profit organizations take some practical steps towards higher SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

In reality the concepts listed would work for all organizations, non-profits just seem to wrestle more with the fact that they are challenged by a lack of resources (money, people, time) to help with such tasks and can rarely afford professional help to achieve greater results. Back Up Break Up Back Up Break Up

It’s official. I’m single.

Mozy and I had to break up. We had a pretty good run and I will say there was great potential for a long-lasting relationship, but things happen. Namely, this happened.

As in every relationship it’s the subtle things. From the announcement there is the causal line of “we’re replacing our Unlimited backup plan.” Replacing? With what? Oh, that’s right, you’re replacing it with a plan that just quadrupled my price each month. Yeah, thanks for that. [Read more…]