Why I Choose WordPress Over Joomla

Why I Choose Wordpress Over Joomla

It was the summer of 2007. I was on vacation with my family in Kauai, HI, enjoying paradise. During one of the coveted nap-times for the kids, I started doing some searches for content management systems. Yeah, that’s how I unwind. At the time, I was primarily utilizing a few proprietary systems to run websites and the cost/rigidness was suffocating creativity. [Read more…]

Simple Steps to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site

Simple Steps to a Self-Hosted Wordpress Site

WordPress is a great platform and has ventured beyond being just a blogging platform as it was traditional known as.

But how do you get a hosted WordPress site? There are 2 different routes to take:

  1. Let them host it – www.wordpress.com
  2. You host it

If you let them host it (check out the steps here) you then are limited mainly by the domain name.

If you want to host it yourself, here’s what you need to do: [Read more…]

Essential Plugins for WordPress

I recently re-launched by blog and was able to mess around with a few new plugins that I’ve found really helpful.  Here’s a list of a few:

  • For commenting, I highly recommend Disqus.  Plugin integration was very simple and there are some great options to manage from right within the options settings.
  • Clean-Contact is a great contact us form that’s simple to use and set up.
  • To help blog posts extend to the social world:
    • Auto Tweet allows your posts to auto-tweet when posted online. UPDATE: Actually prefer Tweetly Updater as I’m a bit.ly guy.
    • Can’t decide which network to allow?  Use them all with ShareThis!  I particularly liked the various options in terms of the tool set that you can use.
    • You can insert a TweetMeme button right at the top of your post so that option is front and center.
  • I also am using Google Analytics to track my site traffic and Google Webmaster Tools (with the help of Google XML Sitemaps plugin) so that I can make sure my site is working as best as possible.

Hope that helps!

A Great Restaurant, A Very Good Use of Joomla

A Great Restaurant, A Very Good Use of Joomla

Last night my wife and I decided to venture out of suburbia San Diego and head south into North Park/Hillcrest to check out a new restaurant that was recommended by some friends called Urban Solace. I can go on forever about what great food we had, the unique menu selection, the chic decor, the uniqueness – all that was there and then some, you just have to check the place out – but as soon as I saw their website I knew the experience was going to be great. [Read more…]

Some Things I Learned Using Thesis Theme For WordPress

Some Things I Learned Using Thesis Theme For Wordpress

I just finished my first launch of a WordPress install using the Thesis theme (beer money link). I had a fellow web developer who has been not only pushing WordPress but more specifically pushing me towards the Thesis theme. Coming from a pretty basic understanding of WordPress (way more experience/understanding of Joomla) Thesis was quite a fun learning experience. It also opened my eyes to the possibility of accomplishing some of the things I thought were reserved for “larger” CMS platforms.

Overall Thesis is an SEO-feature-rich  dream. Not only is the page code extremely clean, but for each post you can easily control the page titles, keywords, descriptions, and image alt tags all while posting your blog.

[Read more…]

Open-Source Content Management Systems

Open-Source Content Management Systems

For someone running their own small business, the constant issue is money. Couple that with even less time and you have a serious challenge when trying to succeed in the web world. You know it’s important to be found online, you want to put your best foot forward as, for you, it’s personal what the first impression of your company is, but how do you venture down that path without wasting the little time and money you have?

In the web development/management space there are basically 2 routes when it comes to using a Content Management System (CMS) to run your website: proprietary or open-source. Also put, paid vs. free.

[Read more…]

Why You Should Build Your Website With A Content Management System

Why You Should Build Your Website With A Content Management System

Anyone can be a ‘web guy/gal’ these days. You can look like a super-hero to your boss/group just because you have figured out how to easily add content to your website. No longer do you need to be at the mercy of a hard-to-reach webmaster or billed for every second you call to ask for a change.

That is if you choose to build your site with a content management system (CMS). [Read more…]

Pagelime Review: A Great Simple CMS for Static Pages

Pagelime Review: A Great Simple CMS for Static Pages

I came accross www.pagelime.com the other day and I have to say it’s a fascinating product. For the most part I would recommend WordPress or Joomla if you are needing a full Content Management System (CMS) solution to keep your site updated. The challenge is usually cost of entry (either in time to figure it out or in time for someone else to do it for you) when deciding whether to use a CMS on your site. Sometimes you just want to post a 5-7 page website and need a simple way for non-techy/non-code folks to keep it updated – with the added value of not giving access to more than is necessary on the admin side. [Read more…]