Woodinville Whiskey Co. – Seattle, WA

I find myself in Seattle a lot for work. On one of my trips up there I was told I should check out a local distillery called Woodinville. Man, so glad I did! It has opened a door for so many great Seattle-area distilleries that I’ve been able to check out.

Woodinville has a 1st class tasting room to check out. You can do a flight of tasters to sample their whiskey and bourbon. You should also snag a taste of one of my favorites, and that’s their barrel-aged maple syrup (also the only thing you can order online to ship to CA). SO good. Seriously.

The whole operation is top-notch. I’ve been back a few times since. I tried theirĀ 2017 Rye Whiskey of the Year and have definitely enjoyed their Straight Bourbon Whiskey. I always try and smuggle home a few bottles for the cabinet.

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