Working Out Your Workflow

Working Out Your Workflow

Sometimes it helps to take a few steps back, look at the complete end-to-end experience of your website / shopping cart ordering experience / sign-up process for your newsletter / registration or donation form experience or any other online automation running and see if it is still working for you. If it’s not, fix it! Your future customers will thank you and summer is a great time to dial it in.

As the online space matures, consistent house-cleaning is crucial to figure out if that process or system that was put in place 1/2/3+ years ago is still necessary/relevant/useful today. People who visit your site are expecting a higher level of experience as the buyer has gotten way more sophisticated.

Get out a clean piece of paper and write/walk through the steps of your ideal customer experience. Think as a new customer. Think as a sceptic. Think as someone on their mobile phone. What would you change? What is working or not?  [Read more…]

Still Not Sure About Google Plus

Still Not Sure About Google Plus

It’s been a while since receiving my invite to the beta of Google Plus. At first, I jumped right in, updated my profile, created some circles, connected with the people who I knew already on there, good times.

Then the reality hit that there were a ton of people NOT on Google+. The people who were active were people I was already following on Twitter or Facebook or other sites so it began to feel a bit redundant.  As well, I then had to re-connect with everyone and group them into areas that I think they would fit, try and remember why I had followed someone to begin with on Twitter, re-evaluate my “friends”; all-in-all a very time-consuming task. [Read more…]

One Powerful Shopping Cart

So you want to open an online store?  Great!  Just get your web-guy cousin to hook you up with one…there’s just a few things you have to get figured out first:

  • What store software will you use?
  • How will you host the store?
  • Will your site have an SSL Certificate installed so you can accept credit cards?
  • How easy will it be to update your store or will you have to wait for your cousin to get to it?
  • How will your store get found online?
  • What features do you want and will all those features be covered by the software you have now installed?  What about in 2 months when a new “big thing” is happening on shopping carts around the world, how will you adapt

The list could go on and on.  Honestly, it’s more daunting than you think to host your own store.  Luckily, the folks at have come through huge with a complete e-commerce solution to have you up and running in minutes! [Read more…]

Facebook Adds a “See Friendship” Link

So logged in to Facebook today and saw a new link I hadn’t noticed before. There is now a “See Friendship” link. It basically takes you to a page that shows the interactions, pictures, etc. that you have had between another person. You can even see interactions that other people have had with each other.

At first glance I thought this was a cool idea.  The more I think of it, what exactly are we accomplishing?  Are we trying to snoop on others or “test” friendships?  Do we now need Facebook to decide the value of the friendship?  Maybe I’m over-thinking this, but it seems like an odd thing to add.  I can see this being really dangerous to some relationships, to be honest.  If you have a significant other, but they have more interactions with someone online, yaddi yadda.  It also seems like a further way to embed ourselves in our virtual relationships.

Anyone have other perspectives?  Like it?  Don’t?

Desktop Sharing Using – a Review

Desktop Sharing Using – a Review

I recently found the need to share my desktop with a few people and wanted a better option to LiveMeeting, GoToMeeting and Yugma.  I could review those as well, but will stick to one that I found recently that is still in beta but was a great alternative.

After stumbling upon (created by LogMeIn) I was immediately impressed with how SIMPLE it was!  Download this packet and presto!  It assigns you a number that you can email or share and people can just go to that URL and they are on.  For those joining the presentation it’s such a clean experience as there’s absolutely nothing to install. [Read more…]