A Passionate Work

Dave Lamb microphoneThis week I had the honor to attend the funeral of my best friend’s brother, Dave Lamb. He was 36 and was taken way too early after losing his battle with leukemia. There are so many thoughts that run through your mind as you sit through the eulogy of family and friends with mourning and celebration going hand in hand.

Dave was a man who lived his passion. It was so evident in all who shared and who I had the pleasure of meeting – Dave impacted everyone around him. His passion was his music. His music gave him a platform and with that platform Dave was able to reach and touch so many with his music and his soul.  [Read more...]

Your Online Value is in your Network

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

One of the greatest challenges in a multi-channel online marketing world (think Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) is having enough of a base within those channels to actually make a splash. As the network grows, as the base expands, your value increases.

The opposite is also true.  [Read more...]

Still Not Sure About Google Plus

It’s been a while since receiving my invite to the beta of Google Plus. At first, I jumped right in, updated my profile, created some circles, connected with the people who I knew already on there, good times.

Then the reality hit that there were a ton of people NOT on Google+. The people who were active were people I was already following on Twitter or Facebook or other sites so it began to feel a bit redundant.  As well, I then had to re-connect with everyone and group them into areas that I think they would fit, try and remember why I had followed someone to begin with on Twitter, re-evaluate my “friends”; all-in-all a very time-consuming task. [Read more...]

Google+ Takes on Facebook

Unfortunately I won’t really get to play with Google Plus it until I get my invite. It’s actually a little surprising for me as I have been a google account holder forever and yet still didn’t get the early nod. I did read an interesting take by Chris Brogan that actually makes me quite excited about the possibilities. I’ll post more later once I’ve had a chance to play around.

I Miss My Tabs, Facebook

Recently Facebook announced a change to pages. While there are some things that are nice in terms of interaction, I really am not liking the new navigation option. Basically they have gone from the tabbed approach to a left navigation one.

While most users do expect to use a left navigation what I really found great about the “old” pages was the horizontal tabs that almost worked as a sub-navigation. Now all navigation items are in a row on the left. I actually find this to be a big disappointment as it’s harder to highlight the apps, pages, information that you really want people to see. [Read more...]

Mozy.com Back Up Break Up

It’s official. I’m single.

Mozy and I had to break up. We had a pretty good run and I will say there was great potential for a long-lasting relationship, but things happen. Namely, this happened.

As in every relationship it’s the subtle things. From the announcement there is the causal line of “we’re replacing our Unlimited backup plan.” Replacing? With what? Oh, that’s right, you’re replacing it with a plan that just quadrupled my price each month. Yeah, thanks for that. [Read more...]

Blogging: Professional vs. Personal Posts

I recently went through and consolidated 2 different blogs I was unsuccessfully trying to run at the same time into 1 brand new one. On one the hand it was hard to watch all the previous work go away, but on the other it was bliss.

The conflict that I wrestled with (which prompted the creation of 2+ blogs in the first place) was whether I have a ‘personal’ blog as well as a ‘professional’?  How much do I want to divulge about myself to people I might end up working with?

My opinion is I want people to get the whole picture of me should they choose to follow me in my blog obscurity.  Of course I don’t want to jeopardize my family or privacy or whatever, but if that’s the case I shouldn’t be blogging or be online for that matter! I want this platform to educate, inform, give a sneak peek into my mind, and so I feel that sharing whatever is on my mind is relevant to my overall ‘brand’. [Read more...]

The Lazy By-Product

After just participating in the security screening/check-in process at LAX I got to thinking about how less than 10 years ago the procedure to get on board a plane was much easier. Right after 9/11 it was clear that traveling was going to become a rather challenging experience and there was the growing pains we all felt while participating in the new protocols. Now? It’s normal. We know what to expect, we stand here, hand this/that to the person, take that off, put that on, pat-pat, now wait. We’re not surprised any more.

I know this is a bit of a US perspective, but I think we thrive on efficiency and organization. If I can do it/think it/want it guaranteed there are others so let’s form a group and do/think/want together!

Where this gets interesting is in the area of faith/religion. [Read more...]