google voice for business
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Google Voice: Pros and Cons

‘Back in the day’ I heard about GrandCentral so I signed up. Then never used it again. Not sure why, whether it was the product itself or my ability to grasp the benefits. Either way, I didn’t adopt. The benefit…

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social media to-do
Social Media

Moving Target

“Way back” in the early 2001-2’s there was this new fad of needing a website for your business. People weren’t really sure if it would stick, but they had to keep up with the trends to stay relevant. As a…

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e-newsletter alternative feedburner
Online Tools

The e-Newsletter Alternative

For a small-to-medium business, keeping a website fresh with content is a big enough challenge. Add to that the desire to produce a quality newsletter and the pressure begins to mount. As mentioned before, there are some great options for…

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outsourcing web development

A Look Behind the Outsourcing Curtain

It’s hard to search for any company without finding an outsourced alternative. Though a user of outsourcing (I feel like I’m at a recovery group meeting) in the past, there were some hard lessons learned along the way that I…

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My Real Estate Friend

I need your help. My real-estate buddy came to me the other day asking my advice as to whether he should get in ‘the game’ of social media/networking/blogging or even for that matter a new website. His take was that…

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