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A Cow Helps With My To-Do List

Ok, not really, but their milk sure does. Ok, that’s not true either, but works for a reveiw on a new tool that I have found.
I have been looking for an integrated way of managing my to-do items for a while and found something that almost perfectly fits the bill.

Remember the Milk –

Funky name, great product. The UI is very simple to use and in minutes you’re up and running adding you to-do items.

If you’re like me, and hopefully you’re way more organized, trying to keep track of emails, DM’s, calendar items, birthdays/anniversaries, deliverables on projects, calls, bills, and more becomes an exercise in post-it/inbox/scratch-paper futility.

The greats (so far):

  • FREE (minus some additional features you can pay for – especially if you want your items on your mobile phone)
  • Simple to add an item. Type in the to-do, put in words like ‘today’ or ‘next Friday’ and it converts that to a date the item is due.
  • Organizes by date (bold for today)
  • Create organizational tabs easily to keep things in their proper place.
  • Calendar integration. This is GREAT for iCal/Outlook/google calendar users. Using Google calendar I can copy the iCal link of my ‘All Lists’ tab and all the items I’m tracking with a date are now integrated into my master calendar. In one glance I can view everything going now including my to-do items. Note: make sure to grab the iCal link from the correct tab as each tab has it’s own unique link. You can’t add items from your calendar program, but…
  • Add items via email. Any time you think of something just email your dedicated address and it’s there for you when you get back online.
  • I know there are keyboard shortcuts just haven’t gotten into them yet.
  • Did I mention it was FREE?
  • Love the agenda emailed every day (or more if you like).

The non-so-greats:

  • It’s a little clunky to edit an event if you mi$tYpe something.
  • When adjusting the date it would be helpful to have a pop-up calendar.
  • I wish there was a drop down in case you’re adding an item but then realize it belongs on a different tab.
  • If there was the ability to make a to-do dependent on another preceding completion it would be the perfect small business tool alternative for overwhelming project management options. I would pay money for that one.

For the small business person trying to keep it all together or the house-wife juggling three girls, a dog, ice skating, piano and more, or just the perpetually unorganized, a possible solution exists for you now. I think I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but the ride is sweet now that I’m on.

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