Is the ServiceNow CMS a *Real* CMS?

The short answer is: it depends. It depends on what you mean and what you are expecting. If you compare NOW’s CMS to WordPress, it’s actually pretty close. Instead of Posts, you have Knowledge articles. They both have Pages. Where…

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Custom Code

Iframe Funkiness in IE 9

I have spent the majority of my development time over the past few years trying to get IE to play nice with cool things we’re trying to do on the CMS. Not a fun task. One issue I came across recently…

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Best Practice, Custom Code

When to Use Drop Zones

Everyone loves a good drag-n-drop. ServiceNow comes baked with a concept within layouts on pages called drop zones. The idea is that you can define an area on a page where new content can be added and then visually move that…

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Best Practice

Harness the Power of Messages

When creating custom code, for values that are text-driven and/or capable of changing often (things like the “Submit” text or “Contact the Help Desk” footer button) make sure to include those values in the Messages table. ServiceNow delivers with a…

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