Still Not Sure About Google Plus

It’s been a while since receiving my invite to the beta of Google Plus. At first, I jumped right in, updated my profile, created some circles, connected with the people who I knew already on there, good times.

Then the reality hit that there were a ton of people NOT on Google+. The people who were active were people I was already following on Twitter or Facebook or other sites so it began to feel a bit redundant.  As well, I then had to re-connect with everyone and group them into areas that I think they would fit, try and remember why I had followed someone to begin with on Twitter, re-evaluate my “friends”; all-in-all a very time-consuming task. [Read more...]

I Miss My Tabs, Facebook

Recently Facebook announced a change to pages. While there are some things that are nice in terms of interaction, I really am not liking the new navigation option. Basically they have gone from the tabbed approach to a left navigation one.

While most users do expect to use a left navigation what I really found great about the “old” pages was the horizontal tabs that almost worked as a sub-navigation. Now all navigation items are in a row on the left. I actually find this to be a big disappointment as it’s harder to highlight the apps, pages, information that you really want people to see. [Read more...]

Stats and Perspective on the Future of Social Media