To Hide or Not To Hide

social media strategy hide

Social media has taken the ability to connect with the masses and have ‘relationships’ online to a whole new level. With that evolution has come some very interesting and somewhat uncharted relationship dynamics.

Do you want me to be your friend on facebook or follow me on twitter because you want to be able to say I have X number of friends/followers or do you actually plan on engaging with me?

Are you a business feeling like you did back in 2001 when everyone was getting a website and you had to get one, even if it was a crappy template/Frontpage site, but now you just HAVE to get into the social networking game at risk of getting left behind?

Are you now following someone that you wish you could un-follow but you don’t want them to know you’re un-following them even though they won’t really know or they might but you’re not sure?

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