Stick to One Digital Family for Simplicity

Stick to One Digital Family for Simplicity

I work in the web technology space and have for years now. The random by-product of being around tech for most of my whole professional career is that I become the go-to-guy for fixing people’s computer/phone/iPad/tablet issues. It is also something that I actually geek out on so it’s usually a win for close friends and family as I actually like this stuff…

Across the board, where I see people have the greatest issue is when they try and “cross-breed” their technology when they really don’t even know how to use any of it to begin with. They see a cheap deal on a laptop over here, then someone gives them an iPad as a gift, then they buy an iPhone because it’s what the cool kids are doing, but then they get a Nook from someone. And it goes on and on.  [Read more…]

Setting Up My Kids on iTunes

Setting Up My Kids on iTunes

A lot of people have asked me about this in terms of the best way to set up their kids on iTunes. To me there are a lot of different variables to consider, but here is how I set up my family in case it works for your situation as well.

1. I set up a “kids” iTunes user ID that all my kids share.

This is the ID that you actually link to the iTunes store for purchase. The reason they share this ID is that all purchases (apps, music, movies, books, etc.) are tied to the ID. What I did NOT want was one daughter buying an app, then later another daughter buying the same app and now we have paid twice. So the deal with the kids is that what one buys they all get. Plain and simple. I know down the road they will probably get a “big kid” account, but then they won’t want all their kids apps and songs anyway so I think I’ll be ok.

One other major advantage now that Apple allows to automatically download new purchases, the kids devices are all up to date without a lot of work and they all immediately get the value of the purchase. Pretty cool. [Read more…]

Simple Steps to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site

Simple Steps to a Self-Hosted Wordpress Site

WordPress is a great platform and has ventured beyond being just a blogging platform as it was traditional known as.

But how do you get a hosted WordPress site? There are 2 different routes to take:

  1. Let them host it –
  2. You host it

If you let them host it (check out the steps here) you then are limited mainly by the domain name.

If you want to host it yourself, here’s what you need to do: [Read more…]

A Great Restaurant, A Very Good Use of Joomla

A Great Restaurant, A Very Good Use of Joomla

Last night my wife and I decided to venture out of suburbia San Diego and head south into North Park/Hillcrest to check out a new restaurant that was recommended by some friends called Urban Solace. I can go on forever about what great food we had, the unique menu selection, the chic decor, the uniqueness – all that was there and then some, you just have to check the place out – but as soon as I saw their website I knew the experience was going to be great. [Read more…]

Some Things I Learned Using Thesis Theme For WordPress

Some Things I Learned Using Thesis Theme For Wordpress

I just finished my first launch of a WordPress install using the Thesis theme (beer money link). I had a fellow web developer who has been not only pushing WordPress but more specifically pushing me towards the Thesis theme. Coming from a pretty basic understanding of WordPress (way more experience/understanding of Joomla) Thesis was quite a fun learning experience. It also opened my eyes to the possibility of accomplishing some of the things I thought were reserved for “larger” CMS platforms.

Overall Thesis is an SEO-feature-rich  dream. Not only is the page code extremely clean, but for each post you can easily control the page titles, keywords, descriptions, and image alt tags all while posting your blog.

[Read more…]