2 Must-Have Tools for Your Website – and they’re Free!

2 Must-Have Tools for Your Website - and they're Free!

Google dominates the search space. Without question. Turns out they also have some pretty amazing website tools you can use for your website. Sure, the tools ultimately help them to do what they do better, but we get some pretty amazing value along the way. Again, free website tools. Seriously.

1. Google Analytics

When you sign up for Google Analytics, you get a few lines of code you put on every page of your site. If you use something like WordPress to run your website it’s amazingly easy to implement. The code then passes information about your site back to Google and they bundle it up into every kind of report you can imagine. At a bare minimum, make sure this is running on your site. It’s probably the only free thing you will do for your website and yet is arguably the most valuable.  [Read more...]

Your Website is Free, Just Not Free

I blame Facebook and probably Al Gore, but there is a very odd perception that doing business online should be as close to – if not at – free. While it doesn’t help that the majority of my day is spent using tools and apps online that are free, when it comes to business the shift has to move away from that way of thinking.

Yes, your website is free. Free to be awesome. Free to be something so unique and helpful to your business even you would be shocked. Free to be your very best and most loyal lead generating employee you’ve ever had. Free to connect you to business around the world in a way that was not as easy not too long ago.  [Read more...]

Don’t Have This Design Meeting

It is amazing how much time is wasted in meetings that have no potential of being productive.

You have to watch this video that highlights this point in a very painful way:

I would like to say that this sort of thing is just so far out there that it can’t happen. Unfortunately, I have been in too many of these types of meetings and leave every time frustrated. They are wasting their money. [Read more...]

Why I Choose WordPress Over Joomla

Why I Choose Wordpress Over Joomla

It was the summer of 2007. I was on vacation with my family in Kauai, HI, enjoying paradise. During one of the coveted nap-times for the kids, I started doing some searches for content management systems. Yeah, that’s how I unwind. At the time, I was primarily utilizing a few proprietary systems to run websites and the cost/rigidness was suffocating creativity. [Read more...]

Thinking Beyond the Website Launch

Thinking Beyond the Website Launch

10 years ago, you needed a site. Any site. It didn’t matter what it looked like or how it “indexed”, you just had to be online.

Today, you could score free lunch for a week with all the lunch-n-learns talking about all the “must do or your will lose” sales/traffic/ranking/money.

It is still very interesting that many people are still concerned with just getting a website up. “We just need it to look better”. “We want it to be more like SomeonedDoingItRight.com”. [Read more...]

Facebook Page or Website for Business?

Facebook Page or Website for Business?

Why should you even worry about building a website when you can just snag a Facebook page, get a bunch of followers, create all the interaction you want and best of all, do it all for free?

Here’s why: [Read more...]

Essential Plugins for WordPress

I recently re-launched by blog and was able to mess around with a few new plugins that I’ve found really helpful.  Here’s a list of a few:

  • For commenting, I highly recommend Disqus.  Plugin integration was very simple and there are some great options to manage from right within the options settings.
  • Clean-Contact is a great contact us form that’s simple to use and set up.
  • To help blog posts extend to the social world:
    • Auto Tweet allows your posts to auto-tweet when posted online. UPDATE: Actually prefer Tweetly Updater as I’m a bit.ly guy.
    • Can’t decide which network to allow?  Use them all with ShareThis!  I particularly liked the various options in terms of the tool set that you can use.
    • You can insert a TweetMeme button right at the top of your post so that option is front and center.
  • I also am using Google Analytics to track my site traffic and Google Webmaster Tools (with the help of Google XML Sitemaps plugin) so that I can make sure my site is working as best as possible.

Hope that helps!

Everyone Has A Budget

Everyone Has A Budget

Or, everyone has a price. There is a price-point threshold you have in your mind for your next project.

One of the most common questions a web/creative/design person gets is, “How much would it take to do ____”. The better question is, “How much are you willing to spend to make ____ happen?”   [Read more...]

A Great Restaurant, A Very Good Use of Joomla

A Great Restaurant, A Very Good Use of Joomla

Last night my wife and I decided to venture out of suburbia San Diego and head south into North Park/Hillcrest to check out a new restaurant that was recommended by some friends called Urban Solace. I can go on forever about what great food we had, the unique menu selection, the chic decor, the uniqueness – all that was there and then some, you just have to check the place out – but as soon as I saw their website I knew the experience was going to be great. [Read more...]