I’m a huge fan of “the cloud”. There’s some peace knowing that my wife’s 48,000 pictures/videos on her laptop are stored in a safe place outside of our house and not dependent on me remembering to back them up. I love that I can grab any iPhone, input my iCloud information and all my apps, contacts, music, photos and videos just magically appear. Backing up to iCloud is a lifesaver. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but definitely a time and memories saver.

But when it comes to a major reset of your device (iPhone, laptop, etc.) you will notice that some things are “off” if you never do an actual backup.

For instance, if you had apps installed on your laptop that you didn’t purchase through the App Store. Or maybe you had apps someone gave you from their account on your iPhone. None of those things will come back “down” after a hard reset.

It is still a good idea to set an alert on a calendar or give yourself a reminder that once a month or once a quarter at a minimum that you do a full reset. It’s like insurance; you never know when you might actually need it…

For iPhone, iPad and iPod:

Plug your device into a laptop that has iTunes running on it and do a full backup.

For MacBook Air/Pro, iMac:

Plug in an external hard drive and then launch Time Machine to do a full backup.

As our dependency on technology grows, there’s nothing worse than not being ready for that inevitable technology #fail.

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