San Diego has some amazing breweries, they are seriously everywhere in this amazing city. One of the most famous is Ballast Point, a personal favorite. In late 2015 Ballast Point got bought by Constellation Brands, Inc. for 1 billion dollars. With a B. So not only are they amazing beer makers, they are the success story that many of these brewers are hoping for.

The one thing that was not a part of the billion dollar deal was their spirits division. For years they have been producing spirits as well, but more of as a side hobby. When the acquisition came they decided to spin up their spirits into a new name called Cutwater Spirits.

So glad they did!

You have to visit this place the next time you are in San Diego. It’s in the same area as the now flagship Ballast Point facility (Beer-a-mar Road) and they did an amazing job with the location. Great food, great vibe, really cool and fun place to hang after work for some cocktails, all made with their stuff.

To buy a bottle to take home, you have to take their tour, though you can do the tour on your phone and get a code to prove you did it. It has something to do with the fact that the store is the distributor but the bar is not…or something.

What’s also interesting is that they are producing canned mixed cocktails that you can actually now find at Costco (or at least at the one near me in San Diego). This includes a rum and soda, gin and tonic, vodka soda and more. So, for instance, they make the actual tonic (have it on their soda gun) and the gin so you get a really unique experience with it.

The Devil’s Share Single Malt is one of my favorite that I’ve had. Deep flavors, smooth finish, complex.

Highly recommend this place!

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