Was up in Victoria for work and was on the hunt for some local craft and found this spot. From what I gathered they are just about ready to release their own distilled goods, they currently offer a bunch of blends from Scotland. There is definitely a Scottish vibe at this place – kilts and all! They bring Scotch from Scotland and bottle it up as their own blends so what is available is really good. I was happy to check this place out as in general I’m not a big Canadian Whisky fan (a little more on the sweet side than I care for) so finding some Scotch blends was cool.

The beer was ok, but coming from San Diego you have to work pretty hard to impress me on the craft beer side of things.

All in all, great experience, fun place to check out. They do have a nice option of blending your own cask that you can then come back a month later and snag. I thought that could have been a really fun thing, but didn’t want to fork out the $$$ for it.


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