When most people go to Orlando, they head to Disney World. I head to a really cool “brewstillery” – brewing beer and spirits. It seems like they are in between names at the moment since opening in October of 2017 but seemed like the Bear and Peacock was the main one.

List of beer on the wall

There was a good selection of their beers on tap. I opted for the oatmeal stout (as is my habit) and had a pretzel while I’ll explored the place a bit more. In a whole separate room is where they sell their spirits. Evidently the way the laws are they have to keep them entirely separate, so one room stands as the distributor. Interesting.

They had quite a few options to choose from including rum, vodka, white whiskey and bourbon. You can do a quick taste of any of their spirits which is really cool. I was able to taste their¬†beer barrel aged rum, reserve bourbon, “bonfire” bourbon and a vodka. Everything was really smooth and you could tell they care about their craft. As a side note, they are the only distillery in Florida to make their own bourbon.

Next time you’re in Orlando, check it out!

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