Seems rather obvious, I know. In the age of gimmicks and band-wagon tactics when it comes to online marketing, those who want to last and ultimately succeed have to think through the quality of their content. Great content that is sharable, worthy of promoting, is at the core of content marketing.

Speaking of gimmicks, I’ve never really been a huge fan of infographics. I do feel in the minority on that in terms of my industry, but it’s just me. You’ve seen them. It’s usually a really long image with stats put together in a more designed fashion, trying to help us consume data in a different way. The issue could actually be that most infographics are poorly done, because at the heart of it is content that doesn’t really mean anything to me. I quickly look through it and then move on. 

So how do you create great content? I believe it starts with tapping in to your story. Tapping in to the passion that keeps your business moving.

Content that tells your story is incredibly powerful online.

Here’s a simple example of how to optimize your efforts and create amazing content at the same time:

  1. Interview your founder. Use a video camera or use a simple digital recorder. Either way, take 30 minutes and sit down with the owner of the business. Ask questions about why the business was started: Where was the market at during that time? Who were the competitors? Why was this new business going to make a difference? Why did they choose to make the move?
  2. Take whatever answers you get and use them to create lots of little bits of online content: blogs, podcasts, tweets, videos.
  3. Track your results. Re-use and re-work your content to extend it out as far as you can go.
  4. Make sure there is a great offer at the end of each item you share.
  5. If you want to go really crazy, do the same steps 1-4 with each of the drivers of your business over the following weeks/months.
  6. If the message is compelling, action will follow. If I connect at more of an emotional level with what you’re trying to sell me, I’m in.

At the heart of this post is to not settle. Don’t just follow every fad that comes down the online marketing path. Sure, you might get a quick win, but wouldn’t you rather extend your brand beyond a few weeks of likes/shares? We’re all here to build business that lasts.

The foundation of doing business online is tapping in to the power of your story.

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With over a decade of experience, I have managed online marketing for a wide range of industries including biotech, high-tech, financial, higher education, non-profit, manufacturing, hardware providers, and startups. My specialty is helping business make the right turn with their online efforts focusing on lead generation and analytics.

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