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If you’ve ever attending a webinar and someone droned on to their PowerPoint presentation for 58 minutes straight, it is safe to say that person missed out on one of the fundamental values of a webinar: interaction. Most webinar platforms have the ability to integrate chat as well as questions into the webinar experience. Done right, this can help to create an enormous amount of engagement without being distracting.

Discussions are happening on Twitter and other platforms about your event. Someone has posted something somewhere. You might as well embrace this and plan for it. Make sure to hashtag the event for Twitter. From the promotion to the discussion to the follow-up, this exercise can help you gain a bit more perspective as to the impact of your event and helps the audience keep things in order. You can use the hashtag during the webinar to isolate questions and chats being had and use those throughout your presentation to help others know you’re listening and want to participate.

Make it know through the introduction that you are going to be stopping throughout the presentation for questions that can be posted in the question section of your platform or to answer questions from Twitter/other. This should be done by a moderator of the event and not by the leader of the webinar otherwise their distraction will be obvious.

Ensure the agenda and the content is geared toward discussion. Make sure questions that are being asked are beyond the yes/no possible response and dig deep into the content. You can even create some sort of promotion for “the best question” or select from the list of all questions and randomly offer a prize.

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