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Congratulations, you have just held a great webinar! You disconnect, shake hands with your fellow producers and breathe a sigh of relief. Now what?

Here are a few items to consider for continuing the conversation with those who are now thrilled with your product/service:

  • Send an email out as soon as possible thanking those who attended as well as including a link to the recording of the webinar. Include in the email a special offer, a new call-to-action, a value to those who attended or even an invite to the next webinar (maybe as part of a series?)
  • Make sure that all who attended are now accurately segmented in your database so you can make sure in the future to target them as directly and personally as possible.
  • If you are just starting out with webinars, don’t be shy in sending out a brief survey trying to get some ideas as to how to make the presentation better. Include a free gift card to a random participant to ensure you get even more adoption.
  • If you had a large number of people unable to attend even though they registered, don’t be shy in sending them a separate survey to try and figure out if there is a better time to hold the webinar, if they just forgot and what you can do to help remind them better or any other tips they can provide so your attendance can be higher. There is nothing more discouraging than putting a lot of time and effort into a webinar and have it be marginally attended.
  • Start a new thread of discussion on your Facebook or LinkedIn page regarding some open questions that maybe couldn’t get answered during the presentation or maybe something that popped up right at the end.
  • Study your results! Make sure to do a detailed analysis of the effort you put in, the presentation itself, the attendees vs. registrants analysis, how to make future webinars even more successful, and most importantly, follow up with all your new sales leads! Nothing helps quantify effort like successful sales.

What else have you seen work in follow-up?

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