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How will you get the word out about your event? As a side note, answering this question immediately helps you quantify how well your social media strategy is working for you…but back to the issue: promotion.

Whether you focus your efforts on email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, print, banner ads, whatever, lead time to your event is important. You are typically safe to start promoting within two weeks of the webinar. Too much longer and people don’t really know what’s happening that far out. Even one week can do the trick if you have an active base.

Remind people! If you can attach a calendar reminder to the confirmation email they receive when they register, all the better. If not, make sure to send an email the day before the webinar as well as one additional email an hour before the event just to remind your attendees.

If you have an active base on LinkedIn or Facebook, post a question there to generate some discussion before your webinar even starts to help engage your audience. This conversation can be used within the event which helps to also promote your social channels to those who might not have been participating.

Have you seen any other tips/tricks work to get the word out about your webinar?

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