I stumbled on this one (no, I hadn’t been drinking yet) as it happened to be around the corner from my hotel in Seattle, but man, what a find! Pulled up to the bar and was offered a flight to taste the different spirits. What I really loved was that I learned some stuff at the same time! They went through and really explained everything to me in terms of how they produce their gin/vodka, the uniqueness of their whiskey and even how they figured out their distribution! This is one (actually the only) distillery I found in Seattle that allowed for online ordering / shipping outside of Washington.

Beyond the drinks they had some great craft cocktail supplies. I snagged some craft bitters and some actual tonic, which I didn’t even know was a thing…took my gin & tonic to a whole new level!

This place screams craft – so much passion, so much pride in their product and such a great experience. I would highly recommend this as a great place to take those “just venturing down the path” of spirits.

I also use this place as a go-to for that random/special gift that I send to people. We bought a house in October and I sent a bottle to my loan guy…love that they figured out the distribution thing! Also allows me to not have to check a bag when I’m heading back from Seattle…


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