I found myself in Richmond, VA, with a new truck and some time on my hands before picking up a friend at the airport. We were about to embark on the Bourbon Trail and then I was driving the rest of the way back to San Diego with my new ride. Yes, there are trucks in San Diego, but it’s a long story and totally worked out for pretty awesome week.

As I waited I wanted to check out Reservoir Distillery. I had heard good things about it so hopped on in. First off, it’s in a great neighborhood of Richmond, great restaurants and breweries all around. This place is not big, but their tasting room is dialed in for max capacity. I pulled up at the bar and went for a tasting. I’m a sucker for a good Rye so I went for it. Their Wheat and Bourbon were really good as well. There are a few other things there for cocktails and all that, but I mainly hung out in the whiskey section.

This is a great place to come with some friends, really approachable way to try some new whiskey and enjoy the community around you. Definitely recommend!


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