Another gem in Seattle. Right down the street from 2Bar Spirits (hey, make it part of the same tour!) you’ll find Westland. As a facility, really impressive. You walk in to this great room with couches and chairs, really great bar area and top-notch facility.

I was able to taste a few of their whiskeys and was really impressed. Full, strong flavors. The bartender walked me through the different options of my tasting which was great. It helped that I was the only one in at the time so I got a lot of attention!

I’ve actually been here twice – yeah, really liked it – but also loved the idea and flavor of the Garryana. It’s a whiskey that’s been aged in a specific type of wood (Garry Oak) that is only available in the northeast. Doesn’t get more craft than that! They make the barrels themselves, drop in their whiskey and the result is well worth the visit.

I’m not a big peat lover so that one whiskey they have was a bit of a miss for me, but I loved their Sherry Wood (I’m a sucker for wine cask mixes). You should really check this place out if you’re in Seattle.


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