For our 2nd stop on day 1 of the Bourbon Trail, we hit a great little place called Barrel House. Driving up it seems like there is a lot of things going on as there’s the Elkhorn Tavern, an ice cream place (Crank & Boom – highly recommend!), and lastly a restaurant all in the same little quad area.

Headed into the tasting room / gift shop for some sampling and perusing. This is one of the stops on the Craft Bourbon Trail and it’s a craft-lover’s dream. They definitely have good bourbon, but they also have a rum that was amazing. Tried one of their vodkas too, I’m an equal opportunity drinker.

You could probably spend a good afternoon around this place if you wanted to, between the restaurant, the tavern, tasting room and ice cream shop, but alas, we had a schedule to keep! This is a must-visit if you’re planning a craft tour along the Bourbon Trail.


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