Oh man…this place. Visually there are more landscaped distilleries in Kentucky, but this was by far my favorite distillery along the Bourbon Trail. Driving the campus you are immediately aware of just how big the production is.

And then you get out of your car. That smell…so good. I seriously kept inhaling to try and take it all in. There is just something sweet about the corn mash of bourbon and it permeates the entire place.

We made our way to the gift shop / tasting room and took a look around. We ended up getting a tasting upstairs and had probably one of the best tastings I’ve ever had. Our host was hilarious and the other folks with us were really into it. Let alone the fact that there is some REALLY good stuff to taste! They have a bourbon cream that is unreal.

I was a little bummed you couldn’t buy Pappy’s at the source, but I think my bank account was happy that it wasn’t available. I did some good damage at the gift shop afterwards. Turns out, they have an amazing vodka they produce now as well!

If there is one place I recommend you visit along the Trail, it’s Buffalo Trace. We didn’t even do the tour, but I heard the hard hat tour is one that you really don’t want to miss. It wasn’t available the day we went, but it gives me a great reason to come back!

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