As you may have figured out, when I travel I like to find local craft distilleries. This particular trip was with my family and we spent a week in Boise, Driggs and Jackson Hole. It just so happened (and I promise to you and to my wife that I didn’t know before hand!) that this distillery was 4 minutes from our AirBnb. It was just meant to be…

First off, the view. Insane. Driving up to this place you have the Grand Tetons in the background and beautiful blue skies for miles. Once inside it starts to feel like home with a small tasting room and a large production facility out back. Opted for tasting and had a good time. They have a Huckleberry Vodka with local huckleberries as part of it. They also do a really good potato Vodka, which I don’t say often. I guess good ol’ Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) himself is behind a small batch potato Vodka there called Born and Bred, choosing this small distillery as the ones to produce his Vodka that has been winning some awards.

There are a couple of bourbons and they’re pretty good. They have a very robust, American whiskey vibe even though they’re bourbons, but I did buy a couple bottles. You definitely need to check this place out if you’re ever in the area.

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