Boston is a fun city. To visit. 2 of my best friends also happen to live there, though to be fair only one of those best friends drinks so he and I stepped out my last night in town and headed over to GrandTen.

One thing that is really cool about this place is that they also make cocktails with their stuff. They also have some light finger food stuff, but it’s great when they put together their own concoctions of special drinks.

We opted for a flight that had like 12 tasters. We sat there for a while, but man was it all really good. I like to be able to go back and forth trying things, figure out the little nuances of each, determine what I like or don’t. Our bar tender was really awesome and walked us down the path we should take.

I hadn’t really been that into rum before, but this place really got me thinking about my previous choices. Will have to return next time I’m in Bean Town.


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