Was in the Oakland area and decided to take a little pit stop at St. George. First off, Alameda is a crazy area to visit – it’s like a deserted ghost town since the closing of the navy base in 1997. Ok, there are some houses and whatever, but by the water are a LOT of empty buildings. You then reach the waterfront and there are these huge hangers and the St. George Distillery. As a side note, Hanger 1 Vodka is next door (used to be the same company I found out) in case you want to explore more than just St. George.

Walking into St. George is pretty impressive. There’s a really nice, elegant tasting room and store, but there are these windowed walls so you see out into the massive hanger with all their stills and barrels. Such a big facility! I was greeted and sold a full flight of tasters (6 tasters which was great!). I highly recommend a tasting as you get so much more context and background to each of the spirits. I tried a couple of the vodkas, a brandy (which I don’t think I’ve ever actually had before?), a coffee liqueur that was amazing, and lastly some absinthe! That’s right, craft absinthe.

Turns out their whiskey is in high demand so they don’t allow for tastings (really bummed) AND you can’t even buy it at the distillery – at least at the moment. I’m going to track some down here in San Diego and give it a try, sounds pretty awesome.

You really should check this place out next time you’re in the Oakland / Alameda area. The view is stunning, the spirits are amazing and the story behind each is fascinating.

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