One of my frustrations with have a Mac is that my Blackberry is sort of pieced together in terms of keeping everything in sync. I tried a ton of different “solutions” but they all seemed like they missed the mark (no pun intended for what I’m about to say). Along comes Mark/Space with their Missing Sync product. Sure, you have to pay for it, but it is so worth the price.

Here’s what I like about it most:

  1. Simple to set up; simple to use
  2. Support is great – received emails back rather quickly
  3. Forum is very helpful
  4. BLUETOOTH sync – no wires needed. Start the program, make a few settings changes on your Blackberry and it’s done.

The only thing that is missing for me in the Blackberry/Mac world is the ability to have the entire Blackberry backed up so if I get a new one, all my settings/passwords/info just get ported right over. For non-BES users we have to hack things together a bit.

Overall all I highly recommend Missing Sync to any Mac/smartphone user – give it a whirl and see what you think.


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