It’s official. I’m single.

Mozy and I had to break up. We had a pretty good run and I will say there was great potential for a long-lasting relationship, but things happen. Namely, this happened.

As in every relationship it’s the subtle things. From the announcement there is the causal line of “we’re replacing our Unlimited backup plan.” Replacing? With what? Oh, that’s right, you’re replacing it with a plan that just quadrupled my price each month. Yeah, thanks for that.

The entire reason I went with Mozy was the fact that for a low rate ($4.95/month) I had unlimited back-up and it all just ran in the background, no hardware to worry about. I don’t understand a business model where early adopters and believers get thrown aside with ‘everyone else’. Complete fail. I also don’t understand how they are going to compete as one of the other key factors for my choice was the price.

It was not the service.

In fact, I’ve been fairly unhappy with how slow the back-ups are and how inconsistent they are for Macs. For instance, I had Mozy loaded on my wife’s macbook and to this day it has never done a full back up. I have left it on for days so it could complete it’s task. No dice. I understand backing up gigabytes of data takes time, but there must be a better way around it.

My goal now is to find a solution that mixes Mac’s Time Machine functionality with a remote file storage system. I guess in the meantime I’ll be back to my hardware juggle.

Goodbye Mozy, party is such sweet sorrow.


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