It’s been a while since receiving my invite to the beta of Google Plus. At first, I jumped right in, updated my profile, created some circles, connected with the people who I knew already on there, good times.

Then the reality hit that there were a ton of people NOT on Google+. The people who were active were people I was already following on Twitter or Facebook or other sites so it began to feel a bit redundant.  As well, I then had to re-connect with everyone and group them into areas that I think they would fit, try and remember why I had followed someone to begin with on Twitter, re-evaluate my “friends”; all-in-all a very time-consuming task.

It is no surprise that Plus is growing. With Google already having over 190 million active users, adoption is a no-brainer. There will be millions like me who are waiting to “get their invite” and be included in the buzz, but then what? Now with everyone having access, hearing reports of the base growing isn’t surprising. Again, no-brainer as they already had an active base.

For the general business owner or small business, this is going to be a tough sell. They are already trying to figure out how to use a Facebook page for marketing and quantify that into sales. How do you find time to blog, update your website, tweet things out, create content-rich newsletters with unique offerings, optimize your pages for search engines, keep your business running, an oh yeah, now try and wrap your head around another “must have” in Google Plus.

I’m still not sure how this is going to play out. Thoughts? Are you active on Plus and finding a great value in it?


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