I came accross www.pagelime.com the other day and I have to say it’s a fascinating product. For the most part I would recommend WordPress or Joomla if you are needing a full Content Management System (CMS) solution to keep your site updated. The challenge is usually cost of entry (either in time to figure it out or in time for someone else to do it for you) when deciding whether to use a CMS on your site. Sometimes you just want to post a 5-7 page website and need a simple way for non-techy/non-code folks to keep it updated – with the added value of not giving access to more than is necessary on the admin side.

Enter PageLime. For a web designer, this is a great solution. You can create your custom/static site, then designate certain CSS areas as editable by PageLime. If you want to update text or need someone to help update text on your site, they simply log in at www.pagelime.com and update the areas/pages. Preview, save for later, publish all from that interface.

This is a great concept for that niche of site that doesn’t need a whole system behind it but will have some text edits down the road. There are certain plans as well so initially your cost could be NOTHING, depending on your requirements.

Give it a whirl!


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