So I logged in to my facebook account today and noticed the layout had changed. I heard rumblings that this was going to happen and honestly, I was hoping for a good change. So far, I think I got what I hope for. The previous version had some pretty frustrating things that have since been changed.

  1. I wasn’t a big fan of the notifications being in the bottom right of the screen. If there were too many it would just disappear in the header of the page and there was not an intuitive way to close the notification window. Now the icons are nicely located right at the top left so you can navigate to them easily.
  2. It was also confusing to switch between news and statuses, especially when there were 2 different “recent” numbers…now it’s seems much cleaner and you can just view the recent things that you’re interested in.
  3. I really like the collapsing menu on the left side of the window. Less clicking/page-refreshing is always welcome in my mind.

Overall I would say, good job facebook! And for all you haters out there, just keep this in mind with your passionate replies/opinions: it’s free.


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