I have been wrestling to try and figure out how to get the email-to-post to work on this WordPress installation. This is something fairly straight forward, and yet came to realize that because I am using Google Apps for my email, so far no good. There are a ton of posts ‘out there’ as to something that changed in December not allowing this to happen any longer.

Plan B to the rescue. The issue was that I wanted to be able to post from my phone so I just downloaded the Worpress app for blackberry. The only thing I had to do was enable the XML-RPC option under Settings – Writing on my WordPress install.

Not a ton of bells and whistles but if you’re looking for a nice alternative to posting by email, give the WordPress app a try. This is my first post with it so I might have more thoughts in the comments section…

Are you using it? Anyone using the WordPress app for Android or iPhone who want to chime in?


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  1. One follow up to this post…I tried to take a picture and upload it at the same time and it didn't work out too well…brought in a HUGE image and had it lower in the post. There wasn't really a way to set the position of the image through the app. That would be a great feature for future roll-outs.

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