Recently I found the need for some custom WordPress development. Knowing WordPress very well I knew what I needed. I contacted a company called CrushLabs (not linking as I DO NOT recommend them) who quoted me a great price and said it would be a quick turn-around. The price was ok, but the turn-around took roughly 4 weeks later than they stated – crazy. When the beta was delivered, there were massive amounts of content missing and the reason was that “they were trying to give me something the most SEO experts would agree was useful” when the Scope stated otherwise. When I pressed as to why they decided to present a beta incomplete they tried to educate me on the values of WordPress and basically imply I didn’t know what I was talking about. There are elements of that which could be true, but HORRIBLE customer service. Do yourself a favor, skip over CrushLabs for any WordPress work.

I’ll stop ranting.

The out-source game is tricky. Finding the right partners to work with is, to me, the hardest part and the biggest gamble.


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  1. I agree! I’ve been lucky in that I have a good network I can lean on and my friend and mentor often has tried and true recommendations for more than one developer.

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