Recently Facebook announced a change to pages. While there are some things that are nice in terms of interaction, I really am not liking the new navigation option. Basically they have gone from the tabbed approach to a left navigation one.

While most users do expect to use a left navigation what I really found great about the “old” pages was the horizontal tabs that almost worked as a sub-navigation. Now all navigation items are in a row on the left. I actually find this to be a big disappointment as it’s harder to highlight the apps, pages, information that you really want people to see.

In keeping with the tab change we have lost the ability to force someone to a certain tab if they have not “like”d the page yet. You have the option of linking directly to a page/menu/app other than your wall so you could theoretically accomplish the same goal, but those who stumble on your site for the first time without clicking a link you had created will no longer be directed to that pre-like page. Huge loss in my opinion.

I hope the communication and interaction changes will overall make up for the fact that we have lost what I would consider one of the more important of functions the old pages had to offer…Facebook, please bring my tabs back!


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