I recently went through and consolidated 2 different blogs I was unsuccessfully trying to run at the same time into 1 brand new one. On one the hand it was hard to watch all the previous work go away, but on the other it was bliss.

The conflict that I wrestled with (which prompted the creation of 2+ blogs in the first place) was whether I have a ‘personal’ blog as well as a ‘professional’?  How much do I want to divulge about myself to people I might end up working with?

My opinion is I want people to get the whole picture of me should they choose to follow me in my blog obscurity.  Of course I don’t want to jeopardize my family or privacy or whatever, but if that’s the case I shouldn’t be blogging or be online for that matter! I want this platform to educate, inform, give a sneak peek into my mind, and so I feel that sharing whatever is on my mind is relevant to my overall ‘brand’.One other reality is that I can try and run my online world as if Google and others aren’t archiving everything I’m doing, but I would rather paint the whole picture instead of someone piecing elements together of me anyway.  There are times when I will only post something to my facebook profile that is for my immediate ‘friends’ only, but those are typically family-sensitive videos or pictures.  Beyond that, what you see is what you get – at least that is what I’m hoping to do with the change.

When you do work with someone or get to know someone even at a professional level the lines blur as to personal/professional which is how I view this blog now.  You are cordially invited to enter into my world.  I just ask that we both treat this platform/interaction as a judge-free zone so we can actually accomplish the task of helping each other be better.


With over a decade of experience, I have managed online marketing for a wide range of industries including biotech, high-tech, financial, higher education, non-profit, manufacturing, hardware providers, and startups. My specialty is helping business make the right turn with their online efforts focusing on lead generation and analytics.

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