This place is dialed in. Manicured, marketed to the fullest. We ended up parking in the wrong parking lot so walked quite a ways to the gift shop, but actually walking the grounds of this place is pretty impressive.

I do like a Maker’s in my Old Fashioned, but beyond that I don’t have a lot of history with the brand. It was cool to walk around the gift shop, see the various versions they offer and how to distinguish between the recipes. There’s also a cool place you can go through and dip your own bottle in the signature red wax which is pretty fun.

Being one of the “big guys” on the trail, Maker’s is one you have to stop at, but it’s actually a pretty picturesque spot.

I must say that these places are all MILES past being what I would consider “craft”, but glad I got to visit them. I really didn’t do much beyond buying some rare bottles as I can get Maker’s wherever, but fun to be able to say I’ve been there nonetheless.

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