My dad sent me this video recently with the note of “Check out this video. Reminds me of you.”  In watching it I had a few thoughts, but I’ll save that for after YOU’VE watched it so click the read more to see my thoughts:

My first thought is LOVE IT.  I love the concept of molding our kids to think differently than the way that society is trying to shape them to think.  We do this in a lot of ways in our family (faith, school, work, etc.) but for some reason I hadn’t really thought to actively pursue this as a way of helping my kids to grow up.

One major thing that helped shape the perspective that I have currently was living out of the country.  After 5 years in India (from 9-14) I can say I see things differently.  Not to say better, just differently.  I guess the realization I came to is that there are other ways of doing things.  This idea has been at the core of pretty much everything I’ve done to-date in my life.  At my core is an entrepreneurial heart that I get to use in various ways (whether self-employed or not depending on the season of my life) but what I enjoyed about this video is that I can pass on that love/passion for “the other road” to my kids and then see where it takes them.

I especially loved the thoughts on allowance.  I don’t want my kids to get into the habit of just expecting a “paycheck” but rather watch them grow their creativity and resourcefulness as we approach the concept a bit differently.

Your thoughts?


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