WordPress is a great platform and has ventured beyond being just a blogging platform as it was traditional known as.

But how do you get a hosted WordPress site? There are 2 different routes to take:

  1. Let them host it – www.wordpress.com
  2. You host it

If you let them host it (check out the steps here) you then are limited mainly by the domain name.

If you want to host it yourself, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick a domain name. I use Godaddy.com [affiliate] for my domain names (not a huge fan of their marketing, but they do a great job with domain & SSL hosting) but you can use any number of services. Pick a domain name that is easy to say/communicate, ideally has keywords appropriate to your blog/industry and if at all possible, get a .COM.  Also, stay away from hyphens (-), just my personal preference.
  2. Get a hosting account. This is the physical place your website will live. I recommend ICDSoft [affiliate] not only for their pricing but their support is unreal – and for anyone just starting off you need a lot of hand-holding. Sign-up your hosting account using the domain you already purchased.
  3. Download the latest version of WordPress from www.wordpress.org
  4. In the control panel of your hosting account there are 2 things to do:
    1. Create a database. There is usually a MySQL database area where you can create a database. Make sure to note the name of the database as well as the name and password associated with the database.
    2. Upload and extract the WordPress ZIP file you downloaded.
  5. Navigate to your home page (www.yoursite.com/wordpress) and the install script will guide you through the rest.

It’s that easy! Now you can manage your own site, with your own domain name and you are off to blogging infamy.

Oh right, there is that pesky other task of writing good content…


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